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Mt. Democrat – Dave Pratt For District 2

Fair Play winery and vineyard owner Dave Pratt has announced that he is a candidate for the El Dorado County Supervisor, District 2 seat to be decided on the June 7 Primary election ballot. Pratt, 57, identified the need for improved representation, ramping up efforts to enhance the agricultural-tourism foundation of the District 2 economy, […]


Mt. Democrat – Dave Pratt for Dist. 2

  Dave Pratt for Dist. 2 by Mountain Democrat Five of the six candidates running for Supervisor, District 2, met with our editorial board. All left us with a favorable impression, though some more than others. On Sept. 9 the voters of the district that includes the south county, some of El Dorado Hills and […]



On Tuesday, May 3,  the EDCEA Local #1 Board of Directors voted to endorse you for District 2 Supervisor in the upcoming election.

EDCAE Local #1 Endorses Pratt for Supervisor
I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave Pratt for the past few years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to have deep dialogue with him regarding his thoughts on El Dorado County and what could be done to make this a better place to live. 
His opinions and strategies are not founded on guesswork, rather an impressive and unmatched personal history as an El Dorado County businessman and winery and vineyard owner, in combination with his many years of experience working on the El Dorado County Planning Commission and El Dorado County Agricultural Commission and with the El Dorado County Farm Bureau, local Winery Association and Fire Safe Council.
I believe El Dorado County is at a turning point. Dave Pratt is the right man at just the right time to guide us in the right direction. I am pleased to offer my personal strong support for Dave Pratt in the upcoming June 2016 District 2 Supervisor Election.


Bill Gaines
Gaines & Associates
Testimonial from Bill Gaines


We endorse Dave Pratt as the more qualified candidate for District 2’s representative on the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors.

Pratt’s priorities, integrity and commitment to public service at the county and local levels are well-known. He understands the suburban and rural nature of our district and is capable of comfortably working within the structure of government. Pratt understands that business, tourism and agriculture form the backbone of our district as well as that of our county. Through his leadership, Dave Pratt will promote District 2′s diversity, its economic development and the specific interests of his constituency. He is solution-oriented and doesn’t get flustered when asked tough questions or tackling complex issues.

In his April 6 letter to the editor, Mark Almer of Grizzly Flats wrote that Dave’s opponent has been proactive in meeting with our area’s constituents and listening to their concerns. Though we’ve asked several, Pratt’s opponent’s supporters have yet to articulate her accomplishments since assuming office in 2014 as they relate to issues of importance to District 2 constituents such as roads, infrastructure, wildland fires and code enforcement. It appears to us that she talks, she listens and she attends meetings. Dave Pratt has a record of getting things done. He is respected, solution-oriented and a consensus builder. All District 2 residents deserve no less than that.

Grizzly Flats

Mt Democrat – Letter to the Editor

I am pleased to announce that the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce has endorsed me in the District 2 Supervisor race. It is important that we continue to grow our economy and
“Keep It Local”.
Thank you for your endorsement.

Endorsed by El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce